Best Way to Get Rid of Mice in Kitchen

16 Natural Best Way to Get Rid of Mice in Kitchen

Mice is a CLEVER and silent DESTROYER. Although the mouse is a small CREATURE, the extent of the DAMAGE is high; it can turn anything into rubbish. Only the victims know the extent of the painful problems caused by mice in the kitchen. They can survive by eating any food, can adapt to any environment.

The biggest problem is that mice carry more than 20 germs for humans. If mice spread its poison in the kitchens cookware, then we can be infected by that germ. 

Also, once the mouse irritation starts, the pain continues until it is completely eliminated. 

Now, what are you thinking?



Well, don’t worry my friend, I am going to show you the best way to get rid of mice in kitchen right here right now.

Do I have Mice in my Kitchen?

do i have mice in my kitchen If you have just moved your house or you may be unaware that mice are already in your kitchen, then you can understand the presence of mice if you notice the following issues:

  • the sound of cutting
  • the sound of something going up or down, 
  • Scratching by nail, 
  • the momentary chirping sound, 
  • the dirty spots, 
  • the footprints, 
  • feces on the moving road, 
  • the formation of mice paths, 

The nature of the mouse is to bite. Sign of damage can be seen like:  

Damage to wood powder, doors, windows, frames, warehouse items. 

The presence of mice can be understood by looking at the mice’s nest and the food scattered around it. 

The smell of mice and the jumping or strange behavior of your cats or dogs indicate the presence of it. Also, infected pineapples, coconuts, sugarcane, rice, or wheat sacks are cut can be seen in their presence.

Where Do Mice Nest in House

where do mice nest in house

When cold weather starts, mice shelter in houses for its warmth. But the kitchen is their first choice as it has all types of food for them. Where your commute is less in the house, can be the nest of mice. Usually, you can find mice nests in these places:

  • Hidden warmth side
  • Dark corners
  • lower kitchen cabinets
  • back of the Refrigerators
  • under the stoves
  • Wall Voids
  • Attics
  • Basements or storeroom

The Bad Side of Having Mice in Kitchen

the bad side of having mice in kitchen

Mice are the most harmful insects in the house. In addition to wasting items and food, they are also responsible for various health problems. Here I am going to discuss some of the issues below:

Mice Spread Diseases:

Mice pose a threat to human. They spread diseases by their urine, dropping, bite, and hair, and if eating or drinking food that is contaminated by mice. It spread diseases like:

Most of them are spread by direct contact from person to person.

Mice Will Destroy Your Clothes, Electric Wire:

Mice never stop chewing. Because they have two pairs of incisors that grow incessantly. To keep the size of these teeth normal, they have to bite or to chew something all the time. Let me tell you, “clothes are one of their first choices for this job.” 

Moreover, if mice cut the electric wire, then danger maybe occur.

Infects Cookwares:

If you see a mouse, you must understand that there are probably five or six more mice. Because they don’t stay alone. Too many mice can do more damage to your kitchen.

mice infects cookwares

Its free movement throughout the kitchen can infect cookware. 

So, if you think there are mice in your kitchen, try to wash the cookware before and after cooking, and keep food safe.

To know how to clean, you may read our article: 

Rice Cooker Cleaning

Cleaning the outside of the cookware 

Now you must be worried about how to prevent mice at home. But first, we have to stop mice from entering the house.

Defense First


Mice can give birth at an early stage.

A baby mouse can give birth within three months of birth.

According to Dailymail, In a healthy environment, a pair of mouse can produce about half a billion mouse in three years.

More importantly, Mice can survive seven days without food and two days without water.

Once mice enter, life becomes unbearable. From books and necessary paperwork to clothes, nothing is safe from them.

Therefore it is better to take preventive measures before entering the mice.

Block the Entrance of Mice 

The most permanent way to get rid of mice is to block the entrance to the house. A mouse can enter the house through tiny gaps. That’s why you need to find such a gap first. 

They usually enter the house through gaps in walls, ceiling, and floors. You have to close them with something hard.

Use Hard-Sided Glass Containers to Store Food



Mice enter the house mainly in search of food. If they fail to find food at home, their movement will be reduced. That’s why you need to be more careful about storing food.

NO matter if there is a mouse infestation in the kitchen or house. They can cut the hard pot if they get the smell. So you can use airtight container to store food. 

If a food box or a bag is torn or left open, you need to keep in mind that mice can get inside even with small gaps.

Best Way to Get Rid of Mice in Kitchen

Even if mice-poison is given, it does not work very often. It is also not safe to give poison, because many people have children at home. 

But it is very easy to get rid of mice infestation forever with the small things in the house.

Let’s find them out…



Another great quality of onion is that it can be easily protected from mice infestation. Mice cannot digest onions ingredients. But mice bite onions very easily. Put onion pieces in all the places where you think they are. After a few days, you will not see mice in your kitchen.

Mint or Peppermint Oil

how to keep mice away peppermint

The mouse cannot tolerate the smell of mint leaves; also, peppermint oil is very effective. You can easily get rid of mice infestation by putting peppermint oil in a cotton ball in the house and keeping it in the place of mice infestation. 

Another way, you can boil the mint leaves with olive oil and use it after it is cool.

Human hair


humans hair

The easiest and most effective way to get rid of mice is human hair. Mouse death is inevitable if the hair gets stuck in the mouth or legs. SO you can leave your hair on the floor of your house and in the favorite places of mice.

Black Pepper



The smell of black pepper mice cannot tolerate at all. Keep black pepper in the mice habitat of your kitchen; the mouse will die. The bitter smell of black peppers affects mouse lungs, so they die.

Bay leaves


Bay leaves are a very useful spice that is present in everyone’s home. You can also use this beneficial spice to kill mice. Mouse consider bay leaves as their food. But after eating, they cannot digest it at all. Spread bay leaves power on the infested areas, and you will get rid of the problem in a few days.

Baking Soda

baking soda

Spread enough baking soda in different parts of your kitchen or house at night. In the morning, sweep the house. There will be no mice in few days…



Ammonia can be used to kill mice. If once mice take a smell of ammonia, it is certain to die. Apply liquid ammonia to the area where your house mice are most active.



The pungent smell and taste of cloves are also very uncomfortable for mice. Warp a few cloves in a cloth and leave it in the corner of the room, Mouse will run away… 😀

Steel or Copper Wool


Steel wool can help protect your home from mice. Apply steel wool to the entrance of the mice hole. Mice will never be able to enter your house even if they try all night.

Get a pet

get a pet

A cat can stop the infestation of mice in your kitchen. If you keep a cat in the house, it can make your house mouse-free. 

You can keep a dog, although it is not as effective as a cat.

Red Chilli

red chilli

There is no alternative to red pepper to chase away mice. Put red chili powder in an old cloth and leave it in the place where the mice move or live like dark places and corners of the kitchen.



Garlic is very effective for rats: Put some pieces of garlic at the entrance of rats, you will be safe. Also, you can soak the chopped garlic in water, Then sprinkles it under the fridge, under the kitchen cabinets or anywhere else where MICE may be.

Set a Trap

mice trap

There are many types of mice traps available in the market. You can use a trap that is easy and safe. In the trap, you can use bread, butter, and dried fruit.

You can also use glue traps outside of this.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is very effective to chase away mice. If you want to safe from mice, just spray it all around the suspected place in the kitchen. You will see the mouse has run away.

Instant Potato


You can buy instant potatoes from the market, or you can slice potatoes to make chips and keep them dry in the sun.   

You can grind them and make it mouse killing materials. If you sprinkle the powder, then mice will eat it. But those swell with the stomach. In the end, the mouse will die. 


Mice are suspicious, so they don’t want to eat poison easily. The scariest news is that mice have developed physical resistance to most of the toxins invented by humans. Most of the poison doesn’t work anymore.  

So the natural methods are the best solution. Try to follow any of the above instructions for a few days to get good results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I know if it is a Mouse or a Rat?

Answer: You can easily figure out that. Rats are larger than mice. Also, the dropping of a rat is 10-20mm long, and mouse dropping is 1-2mm long.

Question: Do mothballs get rid of mice?

Answer: No.

Many people think that Mothball helps to chase away mice. But it is a misconception. 

Mothballs contain highly toxic fumigants, which are not enough to chase mice.

Final Thoughts

If mice enter your kitchen and you don’t take it seriously, it will worse later on. So take action as soon as possible.

To get rid of mice, you can make a list first, what you need to do to keep the kitchen mice-free. I hope this article will help you. If you have any questions about how to prevent mice, please comment below.

Happy hunting 

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