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Gas vs Electric Stove – With Infographic

If you want to buy or replace a new stove for your kitchen, the first question which concerns you is “which one will be best from gas vs electric stove?”.  

Inside this question, several more questions arise, such as:

Which is better?

Will electric be more cost-effective, or will the gas be?

Which type of stove you will enjoy more by using?

Because the stove is one of the main appliances of your kitchen, that is what you will use every day. You couldn’t change it too often. So when buying a stove, you will want to buy the best one.

Aren’t you? “YES”?

Well, nothing to WORRY about. Here we have tried to bring everything so you can reach the right CONCLUSION, like:

  • Which is cheapest
  • Health
  • Cost per month
  • Cooking time
  • Pros and cons
  • Environment etc

After reading this article, you will know which stove is best for you.

So I would URGE you to read this article carefully before buying the stove because now we will discuss each and everything about gas vs electric step by step…

Gas vs Electric Stove

gas vs electric

Gas and electric stove have their own cooking skills. Many professional Chefs use both stoves, depending on their requirements. But at home, we use both.

Many people think, “There is virtually no difference, it’s a matter of personal preference”.  

However, we will find out the differences right here, right now…

How They Work 

To understand which is best for you, first you need to know how they use their energy. Let’s know how they work…

Gas stove 

Gas stove is powered by natural gas, like:

  • Propane
  • Butane
  • Syngas
  • Liquefied petroleum gas
  • Hydrocarbon etc.

In the case of a gas stove, you need to have a connection from the MAIN GAS LINE to home. This line will connect with the stove’s burner. It meets the air inside a mixing tube. Then the gas-air mixture is released through the holes of the burner and it is easily mixed with air.

When you turn on your burner knob, the ignition system produces fire from a mixture of gas air. The flame of the fire is controlled by the burner knob.

gas vs electric stove how they work

Electric stove 

Inside the electric stove, there is a circular coil. It is the main part of the stove. On the backside, there is a cable, that has to be connected to the power, which is connected to the coil. After giving the electrical connection to the stove with cable, as you turn the stove’s switch on, the power flows into the internal coil. This flow heats the metal coil.

Its heating depends on the flow of electricity, and the stove’s switch control the electricity flow.

Gas vs Electric Stove Health

Now a day, we think first…

“is it safe for our health?”


Which is safe?”

YES, I am talking about stoves!

Because In today’s life, we are equally conscious of taste as well as health.

So let’s check, which is safe for us…

According to THE NEWYORK TIMES :

“In US, the Govt. administration is in the process of shutting down coal-fired power plants to deal with the climate. The good news is, approximately 55% of them have almost closed. Burning gas is now causes more harmful than burning coal and about a third of it is burned in homes and commercial buildings.”

You can check the NYTIMES article Gas Stove Is Bad for the Planet

According to US environmental scientists, “Gas stoves emit nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and Carbon Monoxide

Nitrogen dioxide contains TOXIC GAS like nitric oxide (NO) which is highly reactive for the human body.

It may be a little less in the home, but the lack of ventilation systems can cause different physical diseases.

Nitrogen dioxide causes mucus-induced inflammation of the eyes, nose, throat and respiratory tract. Excessive levels can cause asthma and lung damage.

To avoid this, you should use a proper ventilation system.

In FOX channel, EYEWITNESS NEWS made news on the “Gas Stoves Can Emit Hazardous Levels of Carbon Monoxide” headline…

…you can check the video:


Now, let’s talk about electric stoves. According to an experiment, to produce 1 million BTUs of heat, gas and electric stove respectively cost 117 pounds and 401.5 pounds of CO2. Electric is ahead in this field.

I think you just get a bit idea about gas vs electric stove health, so we can go to our next step.

Gas vs Electric Stove Cost: Which is Cheapest? 

gas vs electric stove cost

Before investing money for a stove, there are many things to look for, like:

  • Which remain intact for a long time
  • Low operating costs.

Also if its purchase price is low, then it will be more pleasing.

Electric stoves of different prices are available in the market, which ranges from 500$ to 3000$. However, in general, you would get a good electric stove within 800/1200$ with advanced features.

On the other hand, the gas stoves range is from $400 to $2,800. You can get a good gas stove around 600$ cost. Also, it’s installing charge almost 120$ to 250$. For the installing charge, the gas stove becomes almost the same price as the electric oven.

It depends on the area where you live. Because “natural gas is the main ingredient of the gas stove” and there are several remote areas where gas lines are not given. In some places, the gas line needs to be pulled a little further. So, the cost goes up. In that case, the electric oven is the solution for everyone. It doesn’t matter where you live.

But, In whose area this line is available, a gas stove is best for him.

Next, you need to check the operating cost.

Well, we did research on it.

Let’s face it.

WHAT? Gas vs electric stove monthly cost. 😀

California Energy Commission says “gas stove is always almost 40% cheaper than electric stove”.

The electricity bill depends on how long you are using your stove. Natural gas bills vary according to one state, but its average is 20$-80$. On the other hand, it costs almost 40$-120$ for using an electric stove.

For installation costs, the purchase price of the two becomes approximately equal. But, you can save some money by using a gas stove.

Gas and Electric Stove Pros and Cons 

They have both have as good aspects as bad. Let’s find some:

gas stove pros and cons

Gas Stove Pros and Cons 

  • The price is a bit lower
  • Instant heat and you can get exact temperatures immediately.
  • It can cook food more quickly.
  • The operating cost is lower than an electric stove.
  • If there is no electricity, it will support you to cook food.
  • Gas stove cools
  • Produce higher BTU’s than an electric stove.
  • Stays intact and durable for a long time.
  • It provides consistent temperature throughout the surface.
  • Due to the gas leak, there is a risk of

  • Cleaning up is a hassle
  • Installing charge is high.
  • it may heat your kitchen.
  • It can cause asthma or allergies.


gas stove pros and cons

Electric stove Pros and Cons : 

  • Easy to clean.
  • You can even bake with it.
  • There are many features available.
  • There is no risk of an explosion
  • Natural friendly.
  • Less installing charge
  • The use of the electric stove does not affect the temperature of the cooking room.
  • You can use it anywhere, just need electricity.
  • Carbon monoxide is not emitting.
  • It takes longer to cook.

  • It provides uneven distribution temperatures throughout the surface.
  • It does not work during an outage.
  • It takes longer to heat up.
  • Not sustainable.


Infographic Image:

gas electric stove Infographic

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Frequently Ask Question 

Question: Do chefs prefer gas or electric ovens?

Answer: A Chef basically uses both of them, but if he has to choose one, In that case, they will have their own preferences, depending on the different advantages.

 According to Dailymeal, after surveying the 100 professional chefs, they find that 96% of chefs prefer to use the gas stove.

They show several reasons behind this, like:

  • The biggest advantage is speed.
  • The maintenance cost is cheap.
  • Easy to control.

It gets hot very quickly and the heat is higher than an electric stove. Also, the fire spreads evenly over its surface as a good cooking assistant.

You can also read :

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Final Thoughts:

In some cases, it is very difficult to figure out which one is best.

But our recommendation: the gas stove is much better than an electric stove for its performance and price. 😀

However, we have tried to present in-depth information about gas vs electric stove so that you can find the best one for your beloved kitchen.

After that, if you have any questions about gas vs electric, then please feel free to comment or message us. As soon as possible we will answer you.

Happy shopping. 🙂


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