How to Choose Cookware – The Ultimate Guide

If you want to buy a new cookware set for your kitchen, trust me it’s REALLY HARD to choose! Because, there are thousands of cookware brands and they have offered different qualities and materials, which will confuse you.

But, while purchasing if you keep in mind some major things, it will be a bit easier, like:

  • Cost
  • Durability
  • Material
  • Heat conductivity
  • Reaction etc.

Taking care of these few things, you can come up with a solution. But also, there are some other issues…

…and here we are going to find and fix all those issues. 😀

In this article, we give you an in-depth guide about how to choose cookware, that you could invest your money in the right place. So let’s get started…

How to Choose Cookware 

When you’re trying to decide how to choose cookware, many things will distract you. It’s pretty much confusing because cookware sets all look the same.

Well, don’t worry, if you do not understand where to start, then read it patiently:

Types of Cooktops

types of cooktops

First, we’ll look for what is your stove?

Because what type of cookware you need to buy it’s depending on your stove.

  • Gas Stove: It warms pots and pans All most every type of cookware can be used on the gas stove, but Stainless steel and Aluminum and Copper cookwares are highly recommended for gas stoves. On the other hand Cast Iron, Carbon Steel and Ceramic would not be suitable to use.
  • Glass Top Stove: Titanium, Carbon Steel, Anodized aluminum and stainless steel are good for glass top stove. But Stainless Steel takes a bit of time to get hot. Moreover, flat bottom is required for the glass top stove. Cast iron can cause scratch on the surface of the glass.
  • Induction Stove: Induction stove makes magnetic field on its cooktop, that’s why only magnetic material pots and pans work on it, such as Cast Iron, Stainless Steel. You should avoid Copper and Aluminum cookware while using the induction stove.

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Cleaning electric rice cooker


Your budget plays the main role in buying, please do more and more research about multiple brands because you have to buy the best product at a low price.

Cookware Handle 

There are three types of cookware handle, like:

  • Silicone Handles
  • Wooden Handles
  • Metal Handles

cookware handles

Silicone handles: They are lower heat conductive. But at high temperatures, it can be melted. So after a certain temperature, they are not safe.

We recommend you: Try not to use it.

Wooden handles: Wooden handles always stay cool, but it’s not dishwasher safe, So, It is not much durable.

Metal handles: They usually made of iron, stainless steel or carbon steel. Metal handles are heat conductive but also they are durable and last for a long.


Before buying, you need to check that the lid of the cooker is tightly fitted. Because the lid does a great job in cooking.


Every type of cookware material has advantages and disadvantages. Here we discuss some of the most popular cookware materials.

Stainless Steel 

stainless steel cookware
stainless steel cookware

Stainless steel is one of the most durable and strong cookware and it looks gorgeous. Its surface is scratch-proof and smooth and does not react with foods. You can easily clean it by using only hot water and dishwasher. You can use it for anything like frying, steaming, boiling, braising and stewing. Stainless steel is usually heavy but easy to maintain and you can use it for a long time. 😀

Also, most of them are really expensive and poor heat conductive.

You can also read stainless steel safe or not?


Copper highly heat-conductive metal, so, it’s heating up very quickly and also it doesn’t take long to get cold and those are the loveliest part of it. It reduces your cooking time. It radiates heat evenly around its surface. Copper has some similarity with stainless steel, it’s also looking pretty good, easy to maintain and clean and it’s heavy.

copper cookware

On the other hand, copper is costly, also it’s very reactive with acidic foods. It’s not scratch- proof. 🙁


An American survey showed, 50% of people use Aluminum cookware. Because it is cheap and very available in nature. It’s light in weight and easy to carry. Aluminium cookware is good heat conductive, so it heats quickly and also evenly. If you use it properly, it will be durable for longer.

Also, it has some disadvantages, like copper it also reactive with acidic foods. If you use acidic foods, it can easily scratch.

aluminum cookware

Aluminum is a soft metal that’s why it’s not much durable such as copper and stainless steel. But the most worrying thing is….

Expert says “High level of Aluminum may cause Alzheimer’s disease”

But in the case of cookware, it doesn’t seem to be a problem.

You can read about aluminium cookware on LiveStrong

Cast Iron

cast iron cookware

The best part of Cast iron is, it fabulously lasts for a long time, it’s very durable at a reasonable price. It distributes heat evenly.

Expert says: ‘Cast iron cookware can be good for health because it is increased iron in the food and it prevents the lack of iron in the body.

Also, there are some disadvantages of cast iron cookware. Sometimes it changes food colour. Cast iron cookware is heavy from copper and stainless steel cookware. After cooking, it takes time to cool down.


There is also Nonstick cookware, which is really easy to clean. Especially, for cooking, it needs less oil. Nonstick cookware is high heat resistance and durable. Also it very easy to maintain and clean.

Besides, according to Healthline nonstick cookware has a lot of cons, it may cause cancer and other diseases.

On a serious note: You must know about different types of cookware materials to buy the best cookware. I’ve described some of the most commonly used cooker materials above, and I think they will help.

You can check the video:

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Question: Can the surface of nonstick cookware scratch off?

Answer: Yes, it can.

You can prevent this by using plastic, wooden or silicone spoon. Also, use soft scrub and dishwasher.

Question: What items are included in the common cookware set?

Answer: Cookware sets range from 5 to even 20 pieces, but they are generally more common than 6 to 12 pieces. There are fry pan, sauce pan, stock pot, sauté pan, Dutch oven, glassware.

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Final words 

You have to remember, a good cookware set affects your cooking speed and taste. Bad maintenance can ruin any durable things within a month. On the other hand, good maintenance keeps less durable things good for a long time.

However, I think this post will help you with choosing the right cookware for your kitchen. After that, if you have any questions about how to choose cookware, then please frequently contact us or leave a comment, we will definitely reply to you.

Happy shopping.

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