how to clean outside bottom of pots and pans

How To Clean Outside Bottom Of Pots And Pans – An Illustrated Tutorial

When it comes to the topic of cleaning your cookware, the most burning question that knocks in mind is – how to clean outside bottom of pots and pans.

Well, the job of cleaning the inside of your pots and pans is no hassle at all – you just remove any of those remaining foods, then soak the cookware in soapy water, after that scrub with a foam type element and YES, it looks completely neat and clean.

However, you just can’t apply this same theory when you think of how to clean the outside of pots and pans.

For every kitchen lover, it’s one of those common problems that may snatch your sleep away at night.

So, the question is – what is the “PERFECT” remedy for this particular PROBLEM?

Well, do not get “WORRIED” my FRIEND.

We are here with the PERFECT solution and we’ll be discussing all the details right HERE, right NOW!

Give all of your attention and concentration while reading the following sections because this is going to be an illustrated tutorial on how to clean bottom of pots and pans.

cleaning outside bottom of cookware

How To Clean Outside Bottom of Pots And Pans

Before we start this section, we must let you know that we had to perform thorough research and multiple experiments so that we can share the most effective guidelines with you.

Actually, we have divided this whole section – how to clean pot and pans bottom – into some sub-sections so that each section can give you the step by step method that you have to follow while cleaning your pots and pans bottom.

Step 1 – Using Vinegar And Water Mixture

It is pretty much common that you find some sort of grease type substance on the outside parts of your pots and pans.

This grease type element is seen there maybe because of spillage, accidentally pouring oil or even from frying the oily food. Whatever the actual reason that doesn’t matter at all; the thing that does matter – we have to “START” our procedure of how to clean the outside of pots and pans right from this particular situation.

vinegar and water mixture
vinegar and water mixture

So, here, you have to start with degreasing that grease type substance.

In order to do so, you have to manage a somewhat strong type of dishwashing soap, for say, Dawn or you may also choose “White Vinegar”.

Now, this part is very “IMPORTANT” for you!

First, you have to place your cookware in a tub full of a mixture of water and vinegar.

Now, we’re quite sure that you are having TWO questions in your mind:

  • For how long you have to soak your pots and pans I the tub?
  • What is the IDEAL ration for Vinegar and Water?

Well, the ideal ratio you can use for this method is 1:2 for Vinegar: Water. And, the soaking your pots and pans in the mixture for a duration of 20-30 minutes would be somewhat ideal.

When the soaking time is over, then you can easily wash your cookware set with a scrubbing pad and the grease will be gone away.

One problem still remains – what would you do when you encounter an extremely greasy substance on the outside part of your pots and pans?

According to Cleanipedia…..

“You can go for a cream degreaser in order to deal with an extremely grease substance.”

Step 2 – Applying Baking Soda Paste

Once you’re done with removing that greasy substance, you may still feel that there are some lingering stains, for instance, burnt water or food, baked-on cheese or sauces.

Since you have already applied the Vinegar and Water mixture and these stains didn’t even get removed, so you have to come up with applying something new.

After multiple experiments, we came up with a PERFECT solution that is known as – “Baking Soda and Water Paste.”

baking soda and water paste
Baking soda and Water paste


“Always remember that a paste made from water and baking soda is very effective when it’s time to deal with heavy stains on the outside part of your pots and pans.”

In this case, a question is certainly knocking your mind –

“What would be the texture of the paste?”

Well, keep in mind that you have to make the paste somewhat thick in nature but, it must be spreadable; otherwise you won’t be able to use it.

At the same time, remember that you can’t make the paste thinner because it won’t work the way as it is supposed to be.

When you’re done with making the paste, next you have to spread that paste over the outside part of the pans and pots. And, then wait for around 20 minutes.

Step 3 – Scrub Clean

When the mentioned duration in Step 2 is over, you have to start washing your pots and pans.

Here, in this case, you would need a brush or a scrubbing pad that must be “SOFT” in nature.

Start rubbing the outside part of your pot and pans with that scrubbing pad very gently. And, keep scrubbing until the stains are completely lifted.



“When it comes to removing the lingering stains on the outside bottom of your pots and pans, baking soda will always be the IDEAL most solution. And, it wouldn’t even damage the outer surface of your cookware.”

Now, put your cookware to a place where it can get dried and be ready for use!

How to Clean Scorched Pots and Befouled Ovens

What would you do when it comes to the situation – how to clean scorched pots and befouled ovens?

Well, this is very much “IMPORTANT” for you to know the most effective procedure that you can follow while cleaning scorched pots and befouled ovens.

Here, we’ll be sharing some “SECRET” and “EFFECTIVE” tips for you to deal with those scorched pots and befouled ovens.

how to clean scorched pots and befouled Ovens

Boiling Mixture of Dish Soap & Water

Boil a bowl of water and add some drops of dish soap in it. Then, soak your pots and oven in that boiling water & dish soap mixture for around 10 minutes. After that, scrub the whole surface of your pots and ovens with a scrubbing pad very gently till those get cleaned.

boiling mixture of dish soap & water
boiling mixture of dish soap & water

Vinegar 1 & Baking Soda

Make a mixture of vinegar and sprinkle baking soda so that the mixture feels like somewhat paste in its texture.

Then, apply the paste on the outside part of your pots and ovens and wait for around 10 to 15 minutes.

After that, wash the whole outer surface with a brush or scrubbing pad and hot water.

vineger and baking soda

Vinegar 2 & Baking Soda

In this case, make a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda. The paste here should not be much thick in nature.

Now, apply the mixture or paste to the outer portion of your pots and ovens. And, wait for around 15 minutes.

When the wait time is over, use hot water and a scrubbing pad to wash outside bottom of pots and ovens.

Bar Keepers Friend

Although you may not like this tip, trust me we aren’t biased at all.

We are recommending “Bar Keepers Friend” (BKF) since it is very effective when you go for cleaning scorched pots and befouled ovens.


“While we made our experiments, we did find BKF as one of the most effective solutions for cleaning the bottom of a burnt pan.”

Before those experiments we performed at our home, we did actually hate the BKF. But, when we did those experiments, it totally changed our perception about BKF.

Bonus Method:

You can also check this Video:

Frequently Asked Questions – How To Clean Pots And Pans Bottom

1. How do you clean the bottom of a burnt pan?

Answer: Well, this is really an IMPORTANT question.

To get the most effective result, you can use the paste made with white vinegar and baking soda.

When we made our research and experiments, we found this particular paste very effective for cleaning the bottom of a burnt pan.

2. How do you clean the bottom of a stainless steel pan?

Answer: The bottom of a stainless steel pan has a bright and shiny surface. So, a scorch mark can be an obvious incident.

In that case, you can use the paste of vinegar and baking soda with hot water to clean the bottom of a stainless steel pan.

You can read “How safe is stainless steel cookware for our health” to get the detailed procedure which will be the suggestion we can offer.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your pots and pans can be hassle-free if you have knowledge about the most effective procedure to follow.

In the above-illustrated tutorial of ours on how to clean outside bottom of pots and pans, we have tried to explain almost all the effective ways and tips that you can follow while cleaning the outside parts of your pots and pans.

We believe that our detailed guidelines will help you in cleaning your cookware in the most effective way.

However, if you still have any questions regarding how to clean the outside of pots and pans, then you can feel free to message us at any time you like to.

We will be very happy to help you out.

Happy Cleaning!


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